A trusted supplier of Employee Experience solutions for top-tier Nordic organizations such as Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Government, and Universities, etc.

With a track record and benchmarked results for over 25 years in business, you will reap the benefits of a combination of SaaS and professional services.

The Insight suite provides pulse surveys, follow-up, and yearly in-depth insights, as well as insights into your ever-ongoing HR processes, such as recruitment, onboarding, and offboarding.

With AI tools for supporting employees and managers, as well as HR tools for monitoring change and improvements, Insight is a very versatile HR product suite for medium and large enterprises.


Years of experience of HR tools based on science by top-tier Nordic organisations.


Tailored to the needs of each customer and integrated to their technology ecosystem.


Insight is trusted and the leading solution in use at Universities and Colleges.

What they say about us

High service and professionalism! Great knowledge and understanding of our industry as both an authority and a university. Very good to be able to compare, benchmark. A good and clear timeline to follow, a security throughout the entire process.Ester Nilsson

Ester Nilsson
HR-specialist, BTH – Blekinge Tekniska Högskola