We provide VoC and CX solutions to top Nordic companies in Telco, Banking, Retail, eCom, Auto, Manufacturing and Hospitality with over 25 years of experience.

Our SaaS platforms interact worldwide with millions of respondents monthly in 50+ languages.

To make onboarding effortless for our customers we provide integrations to over 5000 common CRMs, ERPs, Support systems etc and we provide dashboards and tools to act on customer feedback.

We optimize and value every part of the customer journey, tailored to each type of business. You can choose the best methodology and metrics for your business and text analysis in any language.

We’re proud of our ability to measure actual results and find the best resolutions to close the loop.


Years of experience of tailored VoC and CX solutions by top-tier Nordic companies.


Tailored to each business and each part of the customer journey and integrated to your technology ecosystem.


The impact of working with our tools, such as closing the loop, is measurable.

Contact person:
Samuel Wahlgren

What they say about us

A very important partner who contributes with both practical solutions for collecting customer feedback and supporting with ideas for how we can translate survey results into insights and activities.

Anne Mede-Ageling
Customer Insight Manager, Telia Sverige

Professional, customized, and highly knowledgeable staff.

Per Rorborn

High service and professionalism! Great knowledge and understanding of our industry as both an authority and a university. Very good to be able to compare, benchmark. A good and clear timeline to follow, a security throughout the entire process.

Ester Nilsson
HR-specialist, BTH – Blekinge Tekniska Högskola